Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The damage

So, here's the damage from my few days of poor, poor eating at the State Fair and a few other events. I came in at the gym yesterday at 130.2, which is actually a little less than what I expected. I was thinking about a three pound gain, but am definitely fine with just the two.

Now, I am completely re-focused and ready to get to business.

Yesterday, before I went to the gym, I was really not feeling it. I did not want to go and was just completely lethargic. But, then I sucked it up and went, and immediately felt better after and don't feel nearly as tired today as I did on Monday and Tuesday, even though I got a little less sleep last night than the previous two.

It just goes to show how much exercise really does help your body. After having the few days off from the gym, I felt lazy and tired. But, after the run and the next day I just feel great.

Everytime I complain about not wanting to go to the gym, please direct me to this post.

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