Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facing the music

Alright, here I am. Back on track.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I had fabulous time on my long weekend. Went to a Brewer’s game, had a blast at the fair, and headed up north for a few days to check out a small Oktoberfest festival in my mom’s hometown.

Here's Matt and I with our friends, Cari and Ryan testing out Wisconsin's best wine at the state fair. It was so hot and humid all day. We spent as much time inside as we could.

Here's Matt and I at the Oktoberfest. Can't you tell how excited he was to take this picture? I loved it.

Not gonna lie. I did not eat well at all this weekend. I was going to go to the gym last night, get a run in, and survey the damage. But, instead I decided to watch like 4 hours of Intervention.

I know. Wrong decision. But, it felt so good at the time.

Anyway, I’ll be back at the gym tonight and will have a weigh in for you tomorrow. I’m expecting a gain. Just hoping it’s not too much.

I did get some running in too. Here are my miles for last week:
Mon: 4.31
Tues: 2.03
Wed: 4.31
Fri: 3.36
For a total of 14.01 miles for the week.

As you can see, I definitely did not run Saturday or Sunday. I was too busy laying in the sun and stuffing my face. ☺ Sorry, it’s the truth.

My miles are going to be down this week. I skipped my usual run yesterday and I don’t think I’ll get one in tomorrow, Thursday, or Friday because I have a super busy week of work. I’m planning on getting to the gym Saturday and Sunday, along with tonight. So, I’m going to set a goal of 12 miles this week. Hopefully, next week I will have more time and can shoot for 20 miles.

I’ll be back tomorrow with the weigh in. Think light thoughts for me.

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