Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The 134.4 blues

Apparently my body is very comfortable weighing 134.4 pounds.

Weighed myself at the gym yesterday and that’s what I came in at.

So, just shows I need to step it up, which I haven’t been doing these past few weeks. Also, I haven’t been getting to the gym very much since I wasn’t feeling well last week and over the weekend just decided not to make the time for it.

Lesson learned. Priorities re-aligned.

I’m going to try to step it up these next few weeks. I’m officially setting the small goal of being under 130 by the end of June. So, that will require just over a pound for the next three weeks.

I can, no I will do it!!!

Now, just have to practice my restraint before the inevitably tempting Father’s Day brunch.

I’m mentally preparing as we speak.

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