Tuesday, June 15, 2010

As my father would say …

Life’s not fair.

And, I would say it’s not fair that I have a much slower metabolism than some of my friends, boyfriend, and definitely my dog. And, yes, I am whining about it. Right now. Hmph….

Seriously, it’s not fair that some people can eat whatever they want and it goes right through them, instead of straight to their hips/thighs/midsections. It’s especially difficult when you live with and cook with someone who can eat anything and doesn’t gain a pound! Argh!!!

Oh well, I’m over it.

And, definitely think this is a great time to thank all my friends and family for being so helpful, supportive, and encouraging while I’ve been trying to lose weight.

I’d like to thank my dog, Jax for needing so many walks, making it impossible to just sit still or take a night off.
I'd like to thank the Academy ... ok, not them, they've done nothing. I’d like to thank every single friend and family member that has noticed my weight loss. Every time someone notices and comments, I’m inspired to keep going. I’d like to thank Matt for eating every healthy thing I make for dinner, and not complaining that it’s not cheeseburgers, country-fried chicken, or something else fatty but definitely delicious and coming to the gym every time I go.

Losing weight is definitely something that becomes much easier when you have the support of others. So, find a meeting, talk to your friends about it, or enter an online chat group. That way, there are others holding you accountable and you show, not only yourself, but also others that you can do it.

Also, I think weight loss stories of others are extremely inspirational. Check out this guy. He used to weigh over 300 pounds and how he competes in 24-hour races. (Yes, he runs for 24-hours straight!!! I think the only thing I could possibly do for 24 hours is sleep.) Talk about an inspiration. I'm inspired.

Anyway, I hope everyone had a great weekend! Jax had graduation from his manner’s class. My little boy is growing up. I’m very proud of him. He’s definitely come a long way in the last few weeks and we have many other tricks we now know how to teach him.

The class instructors gave him a graduation bone and placed a few star stickers on his head. He couldn’t have been happier.

Here he is enjoying his graduation bone with the stickers on his head. He doesn't even have time to look at the camera.

Apparently, there's always something better to look at than the camera. I'm so proud of my puppy!

I’m sure he will be happy not to have to sit through that class once a week, too.

(Note: Weigh-in tomorrow. Are you on the edge of your seat?)

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