Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cheese fries ...

... will be the ultimate end to this journey of weight loss.

I just know it.

They're so delicious. So cheesy. So irresistible.

Went to the Brewer's game last night (which they won so it was awesome). I had a small dinner beforehand, but wanted to save some calories for a few beers, so I was still hungry.

As we're walking to our seats, my nose catches a wiff of the most glorious smell I've ever smelled.

I follow my nose, and it leads me straight to a tall stack of hot waffle fries smothered in gooey, cheese.

I turn to Matt: "Are you hungry? I'll get some waffle fries and we can share them."

I'll give most of them to Matt. I thought. That way I can have a few and satisfy the graving. I won't eat a ton of them.

Ha. Who was I kidding? It took all my restraint not to lick the cheese off the bottom of the bowl.

Note to self: If I don't buy them, I won't eat them.

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