Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Baby steps

Happy Tuesday! Three more days and then happy three-day weekend! Woo-hoo!

It's finally starting to feel like summer in the Midwest. It almost hit 90 yesterday. I love the heat.

Well, except for how ungodly hot it gets at the gym. Pretty sure I could've filled a milk gallon with my sweat yesterday.

TMI? Sorry.

One person who definitely does not like the heat is my poor Jax. Honestly, I can't blame him. He's got a fur coat on. I'm hot in a t-shirt and shorts. Can't even imagine a fur coat.

Which is why I'm really glad we ran him ragged over the weekend when it was not quite so warm. My brother and his girlfriend made it to Milwaukee, so I spent all day Saturday and Sunday at my parents' house hanging out with them.

My parents' next door neighbors have this adorable mutt, Fred. He is just as energetic as Jax, making them the perfect match.

The dogs played ...

... and played ...

... and played.

Seriously for hours. They were both tired, but they fought it all day. At one point, they looked like they had enough, so I brought Jax over into my parents yard. Covered in slobber, I figured he should air out a bit in the yard. I was expecting Jax to just pass out, but both dogs just stared at each other through the fence. It's hard to separate good friends. I ended up just throwing (yes, throwing, when your dog is only 35 pounds, it's much easier to simply toss him over the fence than walk around to the gate.) him back in the yard and the insanity ensued.

So, Jax got to spend a ton of time with Fred running around and playing and boy was he worn out yesterday. Could barely keep his eyes open during the day.

Weighed myself yesterday and am taking baby steps in the right direction, which I am happy with. Lost just over a pound from the previous week and I am ending at 137.6.

Now, this weekend I am going to work very hard at controlling myself. It's going to be tricky though. There will be tailgating Friday, out to dinner at this tapas restaurant I've been dying to try with Matt (followed by Sex and the City 2, yes the tickets have already been bought, no, Matt is not excited for that part), a graduation party on Sunday, and all day Monday to get into all kinds of trouble.

I think I've devised a plan to stay out of trouble for the tailgating. I'll tell you about it later this week. I'm not making any promises about the rest of the week though ...

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