Monday, May 17, 2010

The good, the bad, and the ugly

This weekend was busy, and I mean crazy busy. I was going, going, going all weekend. I got a lot of things done and had a lot of fun, but missed out on a lot of sleep. And for, whatever reason, when I’m tired, I’m always hungry. So, on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best, my eating habits for the weekend were like a negative 1123978460312847019283470. Seriously … No bueno.

The good stuff, though, is that I worked out Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. Sunday morning, I did a 5K run at the Milwaukee County Zoo. It was a benefit for melanoma research. My friend, Katie, somehow convinced me that a run at 8 am on a Sunday was a good idea. At 6:30 am on Sunday, I hated her.

Just kidding, Katie. I love ya!

Here's a shot of Katie and I before the run. Time stamp: way too early on a Sunday morning.

It turned out to be a ton of fun. It felt great to run, support a good cause, and we got to walk around the zoo afterwards.

On a side note: My boyfriend, Matt, has been hiding his running ability from me. Whenever we go to the gym, I always do the treadmill alone and he lifts weights while we’re there. But, he finished the 5K at an amazing time and ran the whole way. He’s been holding out on me. You better believe I’m going to make him run with me more. Get ready, Matt.

"I'm going to run so fast, this girl's not going to know what hit her." *thinks Matt*

I know this is the wrong thing to think after doing a run for melanoma, but my face needs some sun. Yikes.

Also, for whatever reason, I was thinking a 5K was 2.4 miles, but it’s not. It’s 3.1. I should know this. I ran cross-country in high school. Oh well. Major brain fart.

Anyway, I really started to book it at 2 miles, thinking I only had .4 to go and could stand to push it. So, I was really going fast, starting to get really tired, and thinking this was the longest .4 miles I’ve ever run. Then … I hit the 3 mile mark, and that’s when it hit me that I had longer to go than I thought.

Silly me. Helped my time though and sadly, now I can’t deny that I should pick my pace up at the gym. Without wanting to, I proved that I can and should be running faster. Ick…

Sunday night, we went to watch the Brewers lose to the Phillies. The Brewers were officially swept. It was bad. Now, go home Phillies. Get out of our fair city. You’ve embarrassed the Brewers in front of all their fans.

We tailgated before the game, and the ugly combination of being tired and having run a 3.1-mile race like I was running 2.4-miles race earlier in the day made me very hungry. And, everyone knows, tailgating food is not good food. So, ate my weight in cheeseburgers and brats.

It was ugly. So, today, not only am I just beat from the weekend, but also feel extremely lethargic from eating fat and grease. Lesson learned.

I’m going to wait until Wednesday to do my weekly weigh in. Give my body a few days to recover from the mistakes I made this weekend. Last week, I took two steps forward, but pretty sure this week I took one of those steps back.

The guilt has sunk in.

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