Thursday, May 20, 2010

Oh, the guilt

Remember a few posts ago about how I told you a gorged myself on all kinds of food this weekend?


Well, it definitely took its toll on my weight. Yesterday, I weighed in at ....

You can’t hear me you say? I weighed in at ---.

Oh? Still can’t hear me?

138.8. Can you sense my guilt?

I definitely took a few steps back this week.

And, to be honest, I think weeks like this are needed in order to stay motivated with weight loss. Not to mention, a few days where you can indulge are definitely needed. If you go through months of crash dieting, it’s only going to increase cravings for the things you’re trying to avoid, making you want them more.

So, I’ve decided, after working hard on weight loss for a while, it is alright to indulge.

But then, after you do, you realize the negative effects it had on your ultimate goal and you become re-motivated, if you will.

I am officially re-motivated! Let’s do this!

Speaking of motivation, my brother and his girlfriend have officially motivated me this week to be more active and get outside.

As we speak, they are on a one-week bicycle trip from Minneapolis, MN to Milwaukee, WI.

I know, aren’t they amazing? I’m crazy proud of them. It inspires me to do something.

They’ve almost made it to Milwaukee and I’m sure their tired little legs will be very happy once they get here.

"What? You can't ride your bike from Minneapolis to Milwaukee? Piece of cake."


J/K. I heart them.

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