Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Things that weigh 40 pounds:

So, did a weigh-in yesterday, and was so ridiculously happy with the results!

I came in at 128.4!!!!

That means I have officially hit the 40-pound mark! 40 pounds! I cannot even believe it.

I lost a 15-foot canoe!

So, this previous weekend of healthy eating, going to the gym, and no drinking really paid off. I rewarded myself with a glass of wine last night.

The craziest thing to me is that when I started this weight-loss journey, I had no idea I even had 40 pounds to lose. I mean, I thought 20 or so and I would be good.

It just shows how your weight can get out of control without even realizing it. It shows that you should always be conscience about your weight and how you treat your body. However, it does not mean that your weight/what you eat should control your life. There needs to be a level of awareness between that extreme and the other: eating whatever you want with zero working out.

After all, your body is a temple, and you only get one that you’re stuck with for life.

This number also puts into perspective how much left I have to lose, which isn’t much. I definitely don’t want to go under that 120 mark.

On another note, after weighing myself, I excitedly asked Matt how much he thought I weighed.

Guess what his response was?

You won’t believe it.

I’ll give you a hint: it made me not want to tell him what the actual number was.

He guessed 105!!!

105!!!! MATT!! You’re crazy!

He responded by saying he’s really bad with numbers. So, I guess I forgive him.

And, let’s face it: I absolutely do not want to weigh 105 pounds. If there’s ever a point where I weigh 105 pounds, I’m going straight to Culvers.

At that point, I need custard and fried cheese curds. Lots of ‘em.


  1. MMMMmmmmmm. Cheese curds!

    I'm so proud of you!! You go girl!!

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  2. I randomly found your blog while searching for things that weight 40 lbs, haha.. Wow..Congratulations! Your progress is amazing and inspirational. I am also on a weight loss journey with the end goal in sight of having a flat tummy.. Like you I can't ever remember having one! Do you have any tips for achieving thus? I do ab exercises that really help, but I'm open to suggestions.

    Congrats again!

    1. Me too ... Ha ha

    2. Me too! Hahaha. Congrats! I've lost 38 so far. I totally agree with what you said - when I first started losing, I thought I had maybe 20, 25 lbs to lose. I never dreamed that I'd lose 40 and still be going for another 5 or 8. That said, I'd like to gain a bit of that back in muscle.

      Congrats! You look great.

  3. Random viewer. Writing a blog about weight loss and liked your 15-foot canoe illistration. Congrats on the success. Hope you've kept it off. Never quit! :)

  4. I just googled what weighs 40 pounds and I found your blog! Looks like I wasn't the only one! I love reading your posts. Tomorrow is day one. I have a goal of losing 42.6 pounds. I want to lose a canoe. It would be great to get an undate on how you are doing, hope everything is going well!

  5. Well done, found your blog while researching what weighs 40lbs, needed the info to congratulate a friend on running 10K for charity carrying a 40lb bergen.

  6. Well done, 40 pounds is great, I lost a similar amount in 3 months exactly eating 50g muesli for breakfast; an apple and handful of walnuts for lunch and mackerel salad for dinner. No exercise just ate the same thing for 3 months. Piece of cake.

  7. Hi there, and congratulations!!! I too, have just lost my 40 pounds (down from the same size as you) and was looking for things that weigh 40 when I found your blog. We did it! Yay for us!!!